Lamborghini V12 Vision Gran Turismo, Virtual Racer-only Racing Car


MAH Channel - Lamborghini introduced the V12 Vision Gran Turismo concept car during the 2019 FIA-Certified Gran Turismo Championship world final, Monte Carlo. Although the status of a concept car, this car can be downloaded in the game Gran Turismo for Playstation 4.

This isn't the first time a manufacturer has come up with a concept for driving in games. Previously it had been done by Citroen, Mercedes, Audi, Jaguar and others as part of the Vision Gran Turismo (GT) project. Starting with the GT game founder's question, "Would you like to design the ideal GT for us?" In a sense GT is a gran tourer, describing a high performance coupe. This is where many brands want to participate, designing the ideal GT car to represent in the game.

There's a reason why Lambo joined the virtual world and made it a reality. Explained CEO Automobili Lamborghini S.p.A. Stefano Domenicali, "Lamborghini is a very young brand, that's why we are currently presenting a virtual vision in the form of a real model with a futuristic design, so that the younger generation of gamers and super sports car enthusiasts can enjoy it."

The main focus of the design, single-seater model. The silhouette is envisioned according to Lamborghini's DNA. Centered in the middle, the cockpit and fenders are made separately. The side mirrors hint at the 1968 Marzal concept. Another distinctive feature is the Y-shaped front and rear lights. The entire composition is arranged as if to emphasize the aerodynamic side. Moreover, the so-called body elements are built from high-performance materials.

Dramatic Design

Just like any other virtual concept, the design is very dramatic. The imagination of the designers at the Lamborghini Centro Stille studio, Sant' Agatha Bolognese. Looks like a fighter jet on the ground, let alone a green screen. That's the identity of Lamborghini, always vulgar and trying to be the center of attention. Although futuristic, Lamborghini managed to combine the swing harmoniously. Makes it less busy and festive.

Lamborghini Centro Stile boss Mitja Borkert commented, "The Lambo V12 Vision Gran Turismo was created as the ultimate virtual car for fans and gamers, who are very enthusiastic about Lamborghini and aspirations for the future." He added that this is an opportunity for designers to spread their wings, and visualize a car that can turn all eyes and provide the best driving experience. Like all Lamborghinis ever. In addition, encouraging the development of technology, especially in the light material sector and hybridization.

Heart Pace

The pacemaker relies on a unit from Sian FKP37, a 6.5 L mild hybrid V12 unit. The greatness of the V12 is combined with electrification technology from an advanced supercapacitor battery. It's rumored to be three times more powerful than life-size lithium-ion. Performance support is provided by a 48 V electric motor from the gearbox, when accelerating or shifting gears. As a result, the entire power extraction reaches 807 hp with a torsional moment of 720 Nm. For comparison, the Sian FKP37 can cover 100 kph in less than 2.8 seconds. That's the potential of the V12 Vision GT if it becomes a reality.


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